What Is In My Bag?

January 27, 2019

Camera equipment, for most photographers, is a very personal choice.  If you asked 100 photographers what they carry in their bags, you’d most likely get 100 different responses.  So why is that?

There is such a diverse range of disciplines and genres of photography that each has its own needs for equipment.  A sports photographer will usually need different equipment from a nature photog.  The portrait photographer’s needs are different from those of the still life shooter in many cases.  You get the idea; each genre/discipline has different needs for the lens selection and/or camera functions.  That means we need the gear most suited to what we photograph.

And then there’s the fact that EVERY photographer shoots a different style, has a different way of seeing the images she/he wants to create.  Some prefer to work with prime lenses (ones with only one focal length, such as a 50mm) while others use zoom lenses most often (70-200 mm working range for example). Tripods and monopods may be a necessity for some and a hindrance for others.  Camera features that allow more creativity can be a blessing for many; simplicity may be better for others.  And we can even say that some prefer film still, over digital capture.

All the factors above, and many more, make the choice of gear a tough one, one which sometimes means trial and error to find just the right stuff.  Thank goodness for places that rent gear!!

So...what do I carry in my bag?  That depends on what I’m shooting.  For portrait and boudoir work I prefer my prime 50mm Sigma lens, but I sometimes use a  24-105 zoom.  Shooting sport/action means my 70-200 Canon lens comes with me for sure.  I primarily shoot with a Canon 1Dx, but I have a second body for backup or places where I might want to use 2 lenses but don’t have the time to switch, like weddings.  I use on-camera flash sometimes, but prefer not to use it; when I do I also use a modifier to change the way the light looks.  I carry only 2 filters, which I use sparingly.  And I’m almost never without spare batteries and memory cards.  And cleaning supplies.  Wow that’s a lot to carry!

If you’re just getting started in photography, be prepared for some experimentation with different equipment.  And remember you’ll probably be buying your fair share of bags/systems to carry them!  Shoot on!!


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