Time Slips Away

April 22, 2019

Time gets away from us sometimes!  I just looked back and noticed I hadn’t written anything in a month!  How does this happen?

LIFE!  That’s how it happens. Everyday life.  We wear so many hats today that occasionally we drop one.  There’s job/career, family, friends, side hustle, health and well-being, hobbies and interests, and time to recharge...all of which require time.  Time is the one thing we have that we often take for granted.  We recognize that family is important but we often say we’ll spend time with them ‘later’, assuming always that there is a later.  The same goes for all those other things I listed above (except maybe your job, which if you choose to do later may result in not having one).  Time is the key; it’s precious and ultimately limited.

As a photographer, I capture time in fractions of a second.  My last gig I cumulatively captured about 20 seconds worth of time...which took 2 hours to complete.  There’s a different meaning to time when you look at it this way; the small snippets of our days that we remember the best take the whole day to create.  All this means is that if you want to leave people with good memories, it takes a long time to make those short flashes we keep locked away inside.

How does this fit a photography blog, you may ask?  Simple.  Take some time to plan and complete a photo session soon...like really soon! Time slips away, but when you have some great photos made, they hold the memories of life for life.  We can’t go back and relive our past (as much as some of us would want to) but we can preserve our history in pictures for those that are and those that will come.  And with today’s tech, we can share them so quickly with people that matter the most.  Because Memories Matter!


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