Still Having Fun

February 10, 2019

‘What if it stops being fun?’

As I’m sitting here, waiting for a client meeting, sipping my Starbucks, this question comes to mind.  What if I wake up one day and photography isn’t fun anymore?  Would I keep shooting and hope for the fun to return?  Would it be best to just stop?  Would I just give up?

I think this is a question many only ask when we get older.  When young, we simply do the things that are fun until they aren’t fun anymore and then we stop.  Think back to the things you did as a youth...sports, hobbies, games...and try to remember if you made a CONSCIOUS decision to stop doing them (if indeed you did stop).  Most of the time you probably just stopped.

But as age moves us forward, and we’ve done some things, like our careers, for a long period of time, it is more likely that the question of whether we enjoy what we do will come up.  If it’s a career, hobby or personal pursuit doesn’t really matter...the question still remains:  ‘What if it stops being fun?’  And the answer is complex.

For me, photography has been an interest, hobby, pursuit, passion and side career.  It has it’s moments of drudgery (who REALLY enjoys backing up photos or doing books), but there are so many rewarding aspects to it...and those are FUN!  There are as many ways to keep the enjoyment (or renew it) in photography as there are genres, maybe more.  Doing volunteer or pro bono work can be very rewarding; going to a new place or shooting a different discipline/genre keeps the mind working by answering challenges; reading about photographers or viewing their works may just spark a creative fire; and lets not forget that for many creatives, the act of taking in a different type of creative art can chase away the ‘doldrums’.

So...what if it stops being fun?  With so many ways to renew the creative energy that fuels the fun, I highly doubt that question will have to be answered.  The fun will just continue!!


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