If Not Now, Then When?

March 3, 2019

What time of year is the best to update your family photos?  ANYTIME!  Every part of the year is beautiful, so picking a season is pretty easy.  Each one comes with its own unique feel and challenges for both client and photographer alike.

Winter of course is the cold one.  That’s the challenge:  being warm enough to be comfortable and yet allowing for photos that show each person as they are (not a giant mass of coats and boots).  Luckily there can be breaks in the cold that will allow for more comfort and somewhat lighter outerwear, but even if that’s not possible there are ways to get great outdoor photos in the winter.  And if it just isn’t warm enough outside there are indoor options that can be fun and allow for beautiful photos, like photos in your family room or sunroom (if you have one).

Spring is the season of rebirth; it’s also often wet and muddy, at least early on.  Spring sessions have a warm feel to them, and with the possibility of blooming flowers and budding trees there are often some lovely backdrops for family portraits.  And with smaller kids, the puddles can be fun to splash in (bring extra clothes though).  The weather is warmer, the air smells of spring and the mood is often happy.  (It’s also one of my 2 personal favourite times.)

Summer brings the heat, longer days and warmer evenings.  Photos around a fire, laying on the grass or lazing by water are wonderful options.  Lawn sprinklers for the kids (or the kid in us all) make for exciting shots, and there are so many beautiful parks to wander in with little niches of beauty for your photos.

Fall.  The weather is turning.  There’s the smell of fall in the air.  The colours of the leaves are amazing.  It’s another great season for photos.  Light sweaters come out, and the leaves on the ground are fun to stomp on, run through or toss in the air.  The light has a steely look to it which can produce uniquely fall photos. (It’s my other fave.)

No matter what season, anytime is a great time to update your family photos.  Call or message now for a free consult; there’s no time like the present!  This moment will never come again so let’s preserve it.  Because memories matter!


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