How I Got Started

May 2, 2019
​Just a snippet of the gear I carry's come a long way since the Instamatic!


​When people see me lugging around my camera, the first question is usually "Are you a photographer?"; the second is often "How long have you been a photographer/taking photos?"  This one is fun to answer.  I think I've always (as far back as I can remember anyway) been interested in photos; I learn better when I'm presented with text to read and a few photos to illustrate the concept.  There's always been something mystical about seeing a split-second in time frozen so we can view it, study it, and make our own decisions about what is going on.  So my love for photography started way back in the annals of (my) time.

I got my first camera as a hand-me-down from my Mom.  She wanted a better camera so she got herself a 35mm Mamiya; in turn I got her Kodak Instamatic.  I carried that little black and silver box around until the case came apart.  Click-click-click was a pretty common sound around me.  The photos were awful most of the time, not because of the camera but because of the guy using it.  It did however start the bond between photo making and photographer.  There was always that anticipation when a roll of film was ready to be picked up at the local drug store, and often in the mess of cheesy or blurry photos was one gem, one that was pretty cool (for an 8- or 9-year-old anyway).  I was hooked.

In high school I was lucky enough to be allowed to take the photos for our yearbooks.  The camera equipment was supplied by a teacher; it was top-of-the-line Canon equipment!  Talk about a great opportunity!!  I was allowed to take some of the gear home and shoot anything I wanted, as long as I paid for the film and developing.  I made some really cool images during those years; too bad many were lost in the many moves I made since that time.  But I've never lost that passion to create.

Moving to Alberta was a perfect opportunity to rekindle the photo passion, after spending a few years without a camera.  Mountains and rivers and wildlife that I hadn't been used to were all in the subject matter.  Cityscapes and parks too.  I have albums filled with photos and slides that I take down from time to time to see what captured my eye and heart back then.

Today my interests lie in people photography.  My passion burns even brighter as I get to interact with so many interesting and beautiful people.  Smiles and laughter, serious expressions and awkward poses, all make my little heart sing.  It's a great ride!!

So how long have I been making photos?  Let's just say it's a lifetime!!  A terrific lifetime!!


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