As the New Year Approaches

December 16, 2018

We have some busy days ahead, with Christmas and New Years Day, and of course any other holidays that may be celebrated during the next few weeks.  It often means time with family and friends, good food and drink, and happy memories.  How are you keeping those memories alive for the future?  Do you take out your camera or phone and capture a few shots of those around you?  If you don't now, maybe you should.  This time in history has allowed us the ability to capture and share memories in almost real time with smart phones and cameras that can connect to WiFi.  Apps, filters and sharing sites make things even easier.  As much as it's nice to set aside the devices to connect with those special people, it never hurts to get some photos while you're visiting.  They don't have to be professional quality, or exquisitely posed; they just need to be taken and shared. Remember:  the best camera is the one you have with you, and it's easier now to use that camera than ever in history.  Take those memory photos now.   ​Because Memories Matter!


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