An Unusual Place to Work

January 6, 2019

Does anyone else find it helpful to write or do business planning in an unusual place?  I’m writing this at a mall food court, with people coming and going, having their lunches and visiting with each other.  I bet, for many, the confusion and noise would be a distraction or at least put them off their thinking.  Somehow I find that pressure to create drops a bit when I’m in different surroundings.  Like coffee shops and restaurants.  These places of human interaction and activity seem to alter how I create, giving my brain the freedom to follow ideas that I would try to convince it to ignore in my office at home.  I certainly do my fair share of writing and creating at home in my office and studio, but the change of scenery is also good.  Why am I telling you this?  It’s simple; when you feel blocked in your creative path, try changing your environment.  Go someplace noisy or busy, get outside (or inside) to change the atmosphere, or pick a place that you would normally not consider a place you’d be creative.  It’s surprising how that can unlock your mind and free your ideas!

Summer Skirmish_0157.jpg

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