3 Ways to Get the Best Photos

January 12, 2019

​So  you're having some new photos made...AWESOME!  There's never a better time than now.  How do you help make sure the results are as fantastic as you deserve?  Here are 3 steps that can help.

​First, make an appointment to consult with your photographer (if they haven't already requested one).  You and your photog should meet at least once to discuss your ideas and make plans for the session.  This helps the photographer get a feel for what you want from your time together and gives you the chance to show them any image or location ideas you have in mind.  The better prepared the photog is, the better results you should expect.

Second thing is to take some time to think of your ideas before the meeting.  Use Pinterest, Google, or some other search application to gather a few ideas of images you like and/or places to have them taken.  Outfit ideas are also a good idea; take a photo or two at home with the outfits you plan on wearing, if they are unusual or have bright colors.  Remember the photographer is not going to recreate the EXACT images  you show them, but they will be able to get a feel for what you like and want.

Lastly, communicate with your photog if there are any changes to the photo plans.  A different time or date may need different equipment to maximize the light; the photographer may want to pre-scout the location for best places to shoot.  These may sound like small details but those often are the ones that take photos from good to great!

A decent photographer should be flexible and able to make good decisions on the fly; still, it helps with the final results if he/she can be as prepared as possible.  They will definitely appreciate your input and assistance with the items I've listed above.  Now...go and get those new photos!!

Family Photos_0025.jpg

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