About Me

Not sure I can remember many times I didn’t have a camera as an adult.  It’s been a fantastic hobby at times, and a wonderful second career too.  I’ve done some interesting things:

  • I shot my first wedding with a borrowed Nikon camera; I had only used Canon up until then, and I had to learn (on the fly) where the controls were.
  • I was the only photographer at my sister’s wedding.
  • I did my first portrait session with my son, at home, with rented lights.
  • I edited out a knee support tensor bandage on a bridesmaid for a full wedding shoot.
  • I shot my first boudoir in a tiny bedroom, studio lights and all, with the client and their friend.  I had to stand on chairs and dressers just to be able to shoot.

In the years I have been shooting, I have always enjoyed the process.  There’s something that speaks to me when I get to use my camera.  For many years it was landscape and animals; the last several years I have been much more immersed in the art of people photography.  I especially enjoy the portraiture genres, such as boudoir and family photos.  The excitement and joy that I get to witness when the client sees their photos and realizes how fantastic they look, or how strong and confident they are, is a privilege and honour.  Seeing the transformation of a shy child into an outgoing actor before the lens can make my day.  Images captured for future generations to pour over, for a private gift to a loved one, for the celebration of a lifetime achievement…these all matter to me and drive me to keep making them.  After all, I do this