You NEED New Family Photos

You NEED New Family Photos

Pick up your family photo album, turn to the latest photos in it, and tell me when they were taken.

What??  You don’t have any photos in there from the last 4 years??  You don’t even have a family album??  Yikes!

Today is Father’s Day.  I see in my social media feeds that there are numerous people with temporary profile photos (Facebook) or new posts (Instagram) with their father’s likeness; you all see these too in your own feeds I’m sure.  Many are photos of men still living; some are of course pictures on men who have left us.  But they all have one thing in common:  they were taken to record a slice in time.  That’s the beauty and simplicity of photos…they capture a specific flash of our lives and allow us to relive it any time, and with today’s smartphones and apps we take more photos than ever in history!  That is amazing, but that isn’t the whole story.  These photos often get relegated to digital albums, kept on the very devices that took them or possibly backed up to cloud storage in case of loss.  Technology is grand!!  But there is something to be said of having actual paper copies of these memories.  The very act of opening that family album and looking at history has a calming effect; it allows us some non-screen time to reflect on our past and maybe dream of our future.  And it’s something we can do even when our devices are turned off (whenever that may be) or charging or being used by our kids/parents/friends.  Yes we can send digital images around the world in mere seconds, but having them in print somehow makes them more real, attaches them to our physical world and gives them even more relevance.  Which brings me, in the long way, to the purpose of this post.

If you don’t have any recent pictures in that album, perhaps it’s because you haven’t had any done.  Do yourself a favour:  get your family together (or your close friends, or your pets) and HAVE SOME NEW PHOTOS DONE BY A PRO!!  Yes, it’s time-consuming, and yes there is an expense involved, but by relinquishing the photographic duties to someone who wants to make you ALL look your best, YOU get to be in those photos (and not holding one arm out to take the selfie).  Understand, I’m not discounting the value of selfies and spontaneous photos…quite the contrary.  Those instant slices capture people just being themselves.  The bonus of a pro photo session is that these people, whom you care so much about, can be ready to show their best sides, the beauty and style that count every bit as much as the spontaneity.  And best of all, the professional photographer probably has access to some pretty cool products to show off your photos, be it custom crafted albums, large-scale prints or specialty printing solutions.

Start today.  Plan a photo session for your family/friends.  Make it a regular thing, maybe yearly or on special days.  I guarantee you won’t ever regret having those memories in print.

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