5 Things to be Grateful For

5 Things to be Grateful For

There are days when I get so busy that I forget that I really do have a great life.  So today I’m going to remind myself of some things I’m thankful for.

1)  My health is good.  As I get closer to that magic 5-0 I realize that healthy bodies start to become less the majority.  I’m grateful for the fact that, at least so far, I’ve been pretty healthy.  I work full-time in an industry (the auto industry) that is known to be hard on the body, especially the joints and back.  So far, so good.

2)  I have a terrific family and wonderful friends.  These people have loved me when I haven’t been very loveable, listened when I had something I needed to talk about, and supported my decisions when I wasn’t sure I even believed in myself.  What more could a guy ask for?

3)  I have the basic life essentials and freedoms.  I have a roof over my head, food on the table, clean water and a comfy bed.  I can dress as I like, worship as I choose, love who I want and go (mostly) where I please.  Millions of people, including many in my own country, do not have all of these things.

4)  I live in a wonderful country.  I know, we all complain about things in Canada from time to time, but really, this is one of, if not THE, best countries in the world to live in.  I love Canada, and cannot imagine living elsewhere.

5)  There is peace in my soul.  Sure, I have moments when life challenges me and turmoil arises.  I’m human, after all.  Those moments take some inner strength sometimes; I have to remind myself I can handle them.  Once those moments have been resolved, though, I have inner peace, a place for reflection, creativity and love.  The spirit is alive!

Have you taken a few minutes to answer the question:  ‘What am I grateful for?’

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