Yes Pets Are Family!

Yes Pets Are Family!

I admit, I’m not a pet owner.  I have had many in the past, but these days I’m not inclined to have a pet at home.  I am a strong believer that you must have the necessary time to dedicate to your pets, the appropriate space and the commitment for their lifespan.  That is just my position.

However, many people have one or more wonderful animals that are part of their family.  These creatures have a loving home and are appreciated for their unconditional love and companionship.  (Yes even fish and spiders are part of this group).  When it comes time for family photos, don’t forget to include your extended pet family in them.  It may be challenging to get great photos of your tarantula or gecko along with the human members of your family, but if possible it’s a great memory to keep.

The photo included with this post is not of a pet of mine, but rather a family member’s newest addition.  In years to come they will be warmed by the photo of their Maverick in his early years.  Do you have pets that are part of your family photos?

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