Are Prints Still Important?

Are Prints Still Important?

We live in a digital age; that’s not up for debate.  Maps are now GPS, phone books are almost obsolete, and music…while vinyl has made a comeback, most music is still in digital format.  We look things up with Google, plan our social outings on Facebook, and messaging has mostly replaced phone calls.  So with all our digital options, do we really need printed photos anymore?  I say YES!!

I’m fairly certain most people would agree that art is best appreciated live and in person.  Who would rather listen to folk music on the Internet instead of going to a folk festival?  Painting masterpieces are surely better viewed in galleries, yes?  And plays are more enjoyable in the theater.  So why not put our precious memories onto printed matter instead of just keeping them on our phones or hard drives?

I’m not saying that having access to digital photos isn’t a good thing.  Think about how amazing it is to share early photos of newborns with family and friends, or how quickly a sent image can clear up confusion about buying a product you don’t normally shop for.  There are a myriad of uses for digital photos.  BUT, there are some very compelling reasons to print your photos (and I include making albums, canvases or other products with photos).  For one, these items are available to look at in any situation; you can still look at prints when your phone battery is dead.  The printed image often triggers emotions in stronger ways than digitals; imagine pulling out that album from your wedding or family photo session each year and feeling the flood of emotions that come with looking at your pictures.  And let’s face it, we need more photos of our special people on those bare walls in our houses or offices, to keep reminding us of what’s important.

So the next time you are having photos done consider getting some form of printed images made.  ‘Shoot your loved ones and hang them on the wall’ will actually have a good outcome.

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