The Portrait Mission

Getting new portraits done sounds like a simple task, right?  Find someone with a camera and a nice location and have them snap away.  While some think this is the way it goes, let me be the first of many who will tell you there’s way more to it than that.  Most of the processes you may not know, though, are in the hands of the photographer.  A great portrait session should result in beautiful images; that’s the given.  However the experience should be an important part too.  My mission at 7 Photo is to create your images AND give you a memorable and fun experience.  I want you to feel heard and empowered by your photo session, and for you to relive the event with fond memories when you view your photos.  My goal is to use my years of experience and gained knowledge to capture YOU in your images.  Technique is important of course; what I also really strive for is an understanding of your wants and needs,

Because Memories Matter!